We found Dana several years ago when we started our Bankruptcy Journey. I met with her and was pleased, and things came up and couldn't file at that time. Later when we were ready to file, she remembered me, the issues we had that got us to this point, and treated us like real people. I have very high anxiety and PTSD and I can truly be a handful. Dana and her staff treated me with the warmest respect and kindness. They understood my meltdowns, Dana always answered my emails quickly, even my anxiety prompted panic emails. She never made me feel that my concerns were senseless, and that was very important to me. During bankruptcy, you have to open up your life, your finances, and it gets very personal. When we had a creditor giving us a hard time, she fought for us. She protected everything she possibly could and helped us deal with the facts of our case emotionally. She took care of as much as she could with the trustee prior to our meeting with him, which was a blessing. The day of our 341 meeting, I was a nervous wreck. She advised me to sit in the room and watch the other cases to get a feel for the process and to ease my nerves, it was the best advice. While waiting, several people who were represented by other attorneys, were sent away with their paper work to return at a later date with corrected paper work. When it was our turn, there were a few basic questions and it was over. When looking for a Bankruptcy attorney, you want someone who has an excellent understanding of the law, understands the creditors, and is comfortable with the process; but you also want an attorney who understands you, where you came from, how you got to where you are, and how you need to be treated. There is no way I could have gone through this rigorous process with an attorney who could not identify with my personal needs in addition to my legal needs. I recommend Dana Power to anyone looking to file Bankruptcy.

Dear Mr. Winchester & Staff - Thank you for all you did for me and all your hard work.