You are the best Dana! It was a tough road but you helped us out throughout the entire process with your wisdom, kind words of encouragement and legal expertise. Now we can continue to move forward in a positive direction for the rest of our lives.
Thanks so much!

D.M. 2017,

I am forever grateful for your service. I was terrified that I would be ruined for many years to come but actually, my credit score has improved. I needed to exchanged cars, so I was able to get an excellent deal on a pre-owned car recently and it was practically new. The payment is very affordable. I can breathe again. Thank you so much!!!

M.H. 2017,

I thank you so much. I have been able to purchase a car, I have 2 credit cards, and I have begun classes for first time home buyers. However the best things Ms. Dana gave me was the power over my life. The ability to know that I can make this second chance the best chance I've ever had. Thank you So much and I certainly hope you continue to help others as well as you have helped me.

S.L. 2017,

I have rebounded tremendously from my bankruptcy case. My credit is near 700, work has been great, I have a brand new car and I'm working on buying my first home.