Credit Repair

For many people, a bankruptcy filing actually increases their chances for improving their credit score.

Instead of waiting for years and years until negative reporting falls off of your credit report, you can actually wipe out all or most of the negative items at one time and clean the slate. For many lenders, you are a better credit risk after your bankruptcy discharge than you were before. This happens because lenders know that your income is no longer threatened by wage garnishments from old creditors. In addition, the experience bankruptcy lawyers at Harbour Law, PLC, can offer you advice on strategies you can take after a bankruptcy filing to improve your credit score rapidly.

If you have questions about improving your credit score and are considering bankruptcy, the attorneys at Harbour Law, PLC, are here to help. We are committed to helping you reduce your stress. Call (757) 622-1621 or contact us online for a free consultation. It could be your first step on the road to better credit score.