Emergency Bankruptcy Cases and Immediate Financial Relief

Many people facing financial problems face urgent situations.

A foreclosure of their home may be scheduled in a few days. A bank may be trying to repossess the car. A person's paycheck may be subject to a garnishment. There may be a court date in the near future. The creditors may be calling the phone repeatedly.

Bankruptcy helps stop these collection efforts by creditors and restore peace of mind. Bankruptcy often removes stress from someone's life. When you file a Bankruptcy case, the law forces almost all creditors to stop their collection efforts. When you file a Bankruptcy case, the law stops creditors from suing and garnishing people. Sometimes money is actually returned that was garnished from someone's paycheck or bank account. Foreclosures of homes and repossession of cars are not allowed in many cases. Even the harassing phone calls have to stop.

Part of the Bankruptcy law called the Automatic Stay stops virtually are collection efforts by creditors. A person normally keeps this protection from the creditors as long as he follows the Bankruptcy rules and laws.

In many instances, Harbour Law can file what is known as an Emergency Bankruptcy case to obtain this protection from the Court. To do this, a person must file a small portion of their Bankruptcy paperwork and then they can receive the protection of the Court. As long as the person files the rest of his paperwork in 2 weeks, the protection of the case remains in effect.

The attorneys at Harbour Law are very experienced in filing both emergency and regular Bankruptcy cases. Call Harbour Law today and let the attorneys help remove some of the stress in your life by protecting you against your creditors.